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Take It For A Spin

Experience what 1.2M transactions per second feels like. 

Currently available only for official institutions. Launching Q2 2022.


OpenCBDC Sandbox is a turnkey solution to evaluate, study and learn from the Boston FRB & MIT OpenCBDC platform in a easy to use manner. Get started with the platform instantly and grow your understanding of this groundbreaking work and stay abreast of the changes and new features as they are added.

Fully Supported

Get all the benefits without the painful costs and headaches.

fully open source

Built on the Boston FRB and MIT’s work on OpenCBDC Phase 1 which is fully open source and fully open for inspection, free of state injected malware.

massive throughput

Depending on modality and configuration, OpenCBDC can process up to 1.7 million transactions per second with 99% of transactions completing in under 5 seconds.

constant updates

Updates to OpenCBDC are managed by us. This includes all future Phases by Boston Fed & MIT, bug fixes and patches.


total support

What's Included

rapid launch ui

Spin up and explore OpenCBDC via a simple to use UI and web application that connects and uses a dedicated instance of OpenCBDC. No need to hire technical resources. Launch your CBDC sandbox in less than 5 minutes.


Receive a full training course for your entire staff on OpenCBDC, its architecture, design philosophies and future roadmap. In addition, join a monthly call for updates on the OpenCBDC platform with the latest news and new features.

monthly strategy call

A private monthly call will be held with the latest updates on OpenCBDC and discussions with other banks that are exploring OpenCBDC can share their experience. The call is a means to better inform your bank's strategy, policy and design decisions.

More Value

The Sandbox adds additional features beyond the core OpenCBDC platform.


The OpenCBDC Sandbox provides reports, useful in regulatory use cases or request additional reports be included.


Detailed analytics dashboard, useful for machine learning, fraud detection and forensics


Load transactions and run them to see what the impact is. Literally see thousands of transactions get processed in real-time.



OpenCBDCs Phase II is expected to make available the following