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The Certified Digital Currency Expert (CDCE) and Certified Digital Sovereign Currency Expert (CDSCE) certifications will be available mid-2023.

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CBDC & Digital Currency Summit 2022 Held In DC


In collaboration with the IMF, DC FinTech Week, Georgetown University and others, the CBDC Think Tank held a 2 day summit focused on CBDC and digital currency education with attendees from central banks, commercial banks, academia and more.

CBDC Summit 2022


The CBDC Manifesto

The world is exploring CBDCs. Let’s make sure key issues are addressed, take a look at the CBDC Manifesto, a set of 5 points all CBDC stakeholders should think about.

CBDC Think Tank Reaches 10,000 Subscribers

Two years into it’s launch, CBDC Insider now reaches over 10,000 subscribers, representing a large number of central bankers, academics, commercial banks and the blockchain community by serving the latest news, a reading library full of PDFs and more.


Best in Education

The CBDC Think Tank wins Currency Research’s Digital Currency Advancement in Education award.


We Are Committed to A More Equitable Digital World, Technology and Vendor Agnosticism & Inclusiveness.

The CBDC Think Tank is agnostic to technology and vendors and seeks to facilitate communication between institutions and the public, encouraging the sharing, dissemination of knowledge through town halls, workshops and masterclasses. Although we engage in advisory work, our focus is on delivering impact that best aligns with the needs of our clients and the forward progress of human civilization.

Spring 2022

CBDC Papers Lecture Series

All the papers from the series in one PDF

Central Bank Engagements

Direct engagement with 80+ central banks
bank of kazakhstan

Digital Tenge

The Bank of Kazakhstan releases its paper on the Digital Tenge.


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