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CBDC Summit 2022

The first ever CBDC conference returns this year October 12th and 14th.

Day 1 of the conference is the CBDC Masterclass at George Washington University in collaboration with the IMF and several central banks.

Day 2 is the Digital Currency Lecture Series held at Georgetown University in partnership with DC FinTech Week.



Day 1: Digital Currency & CBDC Masterclass

A private, expert-driven set of intensive courses covering key topics including financial stability, technology design considerations, decentralized finance, inclusion and more. Delivered by industry experts with high CBDC relevance. The Masterclass runs from 9AM to 6PM in a classroom setting.

Opening Remarks
Prof. Jamiel Sheikh,  Dr. Jonas Gross

How can central banks communicate with the public on CBDC?
Louise Johnston, Bank of England

Design Considerations
Francisco Rivadeneyra, Bank of Canada

DeFi + CBDCs: Understanding DeFi, AMMs & Stablecoin Swaps
Binur Zhalenov, National Bank of Kazakhstan
Prof. Jamiel Sheikh, CBDC Think Tank

Understanding the eCNY, China’s digital currency
Professor David Wen, Zhejiang University

Who’s Doing What and Why?
John Kiff
ex-IMF, CBDC Think Tank

The CBDC Decision Making Process
Ashley Lannquist, IMF
Herve Tourpe, IMF

Macro and Financial Stability Risks
Marcello Miccoli, IMF

CBDC Legal Considerations
Prof. Dr. Jiaying Jiang, UF Law

CBDC Cybersecurity Readiness
Arvinder Bharath, IMF


Day 2: digital Currency Lecture Series

Held at Georgetown University, in colloboration with DC FinTech week, this is a set of panels from the brightest thinkers in the digital currency space. The lecture series runs from 9AM to noon.

Opening Remarks
Prof. Jamiel Sheikh, Chris Brummer,

The Macroeconomic Impact of Cryptocurrency and Stablecoins
Kathryn White,

Digital Money and Central Banking Operations
Manmohan Singh, IMF

Economic Model of Consensus on Distributed Ledgers
Jiasun Li,
George Mason University

Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms
Parma Bains, 

CBDC and Cross-Border Payments
Maria Teresa Chimienti, 
World Bank

Project Sand Dollar
Vinay Mohan, Movmint (formerly NZIA)

learning & networking

October 12th and 14th

Over 10,000 dignitaries and staffers will be in town during the IMF annual meetings. Two days prior to the meetings, the CBDC Think Tank will host its annual CBDC Summit.

Because the CBDC space moves rapidly, the need for information exchange continues grows and the CBDC Summit is the premiere conference for central bankers, regulators, financiers, entrepreneurs and heads of state to convene, discuss, learn and drive the conversation forward.

The CBDC Summit was first announced in January of 2020, to be held October of that ill-fated year. We return in 2022 for fully in-person sessions.

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